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Become Healthier and Happier with Hypnology Hypnotherapy Hereford

Friendly & confidential sessions available at the following locations:

The Regency Practice
Cheltenham, GL50 3PL

The Fred Bulmer Centre
 Hereford, HR4 9HP

Hypnotherapy Hereford

Welcome to taking your first steps towards the healthier and happier you. It’s great to have you here, visiting this page and wanting to change yourself in positive ways.

I would like to say ‘Thank You’ to you for reading this message.

I would also like to ask you to please share this page with your friends, colleagues or anyone who wants to be healthier and happier because it will help them, it will also help me to reach more people who want to lose weight and become more confident, and because it will make you feel good too.

Hypnotherapy Hereford

Difficulties Hypnology Hypnotherapy Hereford Can Help You With:

Weight Management & Various Eating Issues

Binge Eating, Emotional Eating, Sugar/Chocolate Addiction, Fussy Eating

Quit Smoking

Habits & Addictions

Vaping, Binge Drinking, Cannabis/Cocaine Abuse, Nail Biting, Hair Pulling, Excessive Shopping, Internet Addiction

Stress & Anxiety

Public Speaking, Stage Performance, Social Anxiety, Blushing

Fears & Phobias

Fear of Dentists, Emetophobia, Fear of Needles, Fear of Blood, Fear of Dogs, Fear of Flying, Fear of Heights, Fear of Elevators, Fear of Spiders, Fear of Driving, Social Phobia, Fear of Exams

Sleep Issues

Insomnia, Sleep Apnea, Sleep Disturbance

Confidence Building 

Fear of Failure, Personal Development, Motivation & Positive Thinking, Increase Your Sense of Wellbeing

Support and Relief Alongside Your Regular Treatments

For Pain, IBS and Other Medical Conditions

Fitness Motivation & Sports Performance

Performance Anxiety, Limiting Beliefs, Confidence Issues

Take control now, take care of yourself and improve the quality of your life the way you always wanted to because working together we can find a solution to your issue far quicker than you might imagine now.

Hypnotherapy Hereford

Become More Confident with Hypnology Hypnotherapy Hereford*

“Had my 1st ever hypnotherapy session the other week….. suffering from depression, having fibromyalgia and needing to lose 2st after my last baby, I felt I needed some extra help having the confidence to move forward and the willpower to eat the right foods.

Vaiva made me feel very welcome and explained how hypnotherapy worked as i have no clue. The session was extremely relaxing and after I came out I felt great!

Previous to the session id had extremely painful legs caused by my fibro…. after “waking up” the pain was virtually gone and didn’t come back for almost 48 hours! I went home and had a completely different view of food and started my slimming world diet…. since then I’ve lost 7lb!!

I also had the confidence to go back to my fitness group and loved every minute! I highly recommend this service to anyone and I can’t wait to go back :-)” – L.M.

Hypnotherapist Herefordshire

“I came to Vaiva just before Christmas as I struggling with some personal issues. Vaiva is very welcoming and understanding. I did have my reservations at first but after just 2 sessions with her I felt amazing. I would highly recommend Vaiva to anybody.” – S.B

Hypnotherapy Hereford

I was a little sceptical about using hypnosis but Vaiva is very reassuring and clearly is very competent. I noticed a difference from the first week and as well as helping me with my main issue, it also helped me to relax more and feel more confident. I would definitely recommend Vaiva as a hypnotist.” – S.B

Hypnotherapy Hereford

“Amazing experience and treatment. Vaiva is… exceptional. Highly recommended” – T. SB

Hypnotherapy Hereford

“I am feeling good! I still do not smoke and that is the main thing! I think about it sometimes but, considering I smoked for so long, not as often as I would expect.

Thanks for all your help. I will probably be in touch at some point to come and have a session on confidence.” – B.P.

Hypnotherapy Hereford

I can’t recommend Vaiva highly enough! I had tried pills, patches and everything else with no success. Vaiva took the time to understand why I smoked and how I wanted to address stopping smoking. I couldn’t tell you much about the hypnotherapy, other than that it was very relaxing and I have not smoked for over 2 weeks now – no cravings, no replacements!! The whole experience was very relaxed and easy thanks to Vaiva – thank you! – D. F.

Hypnotherapy Hereford

hypnotherapist hereford

Experience Transformation with Hypnology Hypnotherapy Hereford

What is hypnosis and hypnotherapy?

Hypnosis – a state a lot like day-dreaming. When you day-dream, you alter your state of consciousness to the alpha brainwave frequency region and engage in your fantasies. Hypnosis is a technique that enables you to achieve the altered state of consciousness – the daydream state – deliberately and direct your attention to specific goals and desired changes to achieve them.

Clinical Hypnosis – is a specific therapeutic treatment that uses a deep relaxation state to alleviate issues such as smoking cessation, weight loss, pain relief, or self-improvement.

Hypnotherapy – the use of hypnosis as a therapeutic technique to achieve a focused awareness or positive approach to create room for self-improvement by removing unwanted behaviors, thoughts, perceptions, and feelings.

Hypnotherapy Hereford

Become Healthier and Happier with Hypnology Hypnotherapy Hereford

“Couldn’t be happier with my experience with Vaiva. Easy to talk to, inspiring and effective! Results achieved and left me interested in what else hypnotherapy could help me with…I’ll be back!” – B.P

Hypnotherapist Herefordshire

What to Expect in Your First Session:

When you contact me for your FREE initial telephone consultation, we will discuss how you can benefit from hypnotherapy and how the change will make a noticeable impact.

The first consultation is likely to last 90 minutes and will consist of two parts – gaining your medical history and confirmation of the treatment method followed by the first therapy.

Subsequent sessions are likely to take around 60 minutes each.

I will briefly explain how our brain works in an easy-to-understand way, allowing you to make useful sense of neuroscience and neuroplasticity and their application in your daily life to benefit you.

I will help you to discover ‘the difference that makes the difference‘ to stay motivated whilst you undergo the therapy and to manage much better the issues that you want to change using thought re-patterning techniques (NLP) alongside hypnosis itself.

Your questions are very welcome at this stage and throughout the therapy. The issue is not how many questions you may have but how much clarity you gain and how comfortable you feel with all aspects of the therapy.

Hypnotherapist Herefordshire

Why put off feeling amazing?

Call or text me on 07846 264262 if you have a question, thought or a concern not covered above or to book a professional clinical hypnotherapy session in  Cheltenham or Hereford now or leave me a message now and I will get back to you shortly.

Hypnotherapist Herefordshire

Hypnotherapist Herefordshire

Hypnotherapy Hereford

Central Academy of Clinical Hypnosis & NLP  Diploma in Clinical Hypnotherapy
The Guild of NLP Endorsed Diploma in Neuro-Linguistic Programming
Member The National Hypnotherapy Society (MHS)
Central Register of Stop Smoking Therapists (CRSST) Accredited Practitioner
Licensed Hypno-Band Practitioner

Hypnology Hypnotherapy Hereford Helps With: